St. Mary's with St. Peter's

Bury St. Edmunds

Tel: 07561 334695


Public worship is permitted under the current lockdown. Everyone considering attending church should make their own decision about whether it is right for them to do so. And the current restrictions must be observed at all times. This page will be updated as things change, so please keep checking regularly.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we are able to do less than we normally do. We ask that you should wear a face covering throughout the service. Children are always welcome.

Despite the restrictions, this is our worship. God is with us.

Sunday Services

9.15am St Mary’s Church – Contemporary Worship

Our sung worship is offered by our worship band. The service is more informal than the 11am service, using fewer written prayers. Booking is not required.

10.30am St Peter’s Church and live streamed to Zoom

Our music will be led by members of St Peter’s music group. This service will also be live streamed to Zoom. To join online please CLICK HERE. Meeting ID: 830 8993 3568; Passcode: 791188.

11am St Mary’s Church – Traditional Worship

Accompanied by the church organ and, when permitted, with sung worship led by the robed choir, this service is more formal than the 9.15am service. Booking is not required.

Midweek Services

10am St Mary’s Church

Our midweek service of Holy Communion uses the Book of Common Prayer.

Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer at 09:30am live-streamed from our parish on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday. Click HERE to watch.

Christians pray to God. That’s because Christianity isn’t a theory or a philosophy. It’s a relationship with God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Prayer can take many forms. All prayer is being aware of God. Silent prayer is powerful. Words help too. You can use your own words in a kind of honest conversation with God. In this Daily Prayer, we use structured prayers to help us.

To begin with, Daily Prayer can feel a bit ‘wordy’. But relax. Let the words wash over you like the lyrics of a song. If your mind wanders, don’t tell yourself off. Just come back to the awareness of God who is with you wherever you are.

We use the Morning Prayer of the Church of England. You can simply watch and pray with us. But if you want to participate more deeply, you can

You may wish to use this companion, Reflections for Daily Prayer.