St. Mary's with St. Peter's

Bury St. Edmunds

Tel: 07561 334695

St Mary’s hire

St Mary’s church is a remarkable venue for concerts and other public events. The church can seat an audience of 640 people. We have also recently upgraded our heating!

Rates in 2021:
General rate
£480 for a session, including two-hour rehearsal (immediately before the event).
(£530 if a longer rehearsal is required. £580 for a whole day.)

Charities rate (where event is fully in aid of a specific charity):
£120 plus 20% of ticket sales

Additional charges
£100 if pews need moving to increase performance area.
£100 for the use of staging.
£100 if it is necessary to bring equipment into church on the previous day
£50 for use of data projector, camera and large screen, and £40 for data projector operator.
£50 for use of organ or grand piano.
Tower Room:
£10 per hour, if required.

Please contact the parish office for more information