St. Mary's with St. Peter's

Bury St. Edmunds

Tel: 07561 334695

Hall Hire (Hyndman Centre)


Hiring during COVID19 pandemic

The Hyndman Centre is open for bookings which are permitted under government regulations.

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The Hyndman Centre is located next to St Peter's church. Rooms in the Centre are available to hire.

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Room plan

Please see here for a room plan.

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The Centre comprises 2 halls plus 3 smaller rooms for hire.

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Hire charges

Hire charges range from £10.50 per hour for the smaller rooms, up to £16 per hour for the large halls.

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How to book

Contact the Bookings Manager during office hours on 07561 334695 or by email.

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Conditions of hire

Please see here for our full Conditions of Hire.

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User policy

Please see here for our User Policy.

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Management committee

The Hyndman Centre is managed by the Hyndman Centre Management Committee.

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