St. Mary's with St. Peter's

Bury St. Edmunds

Events Manager - Jackie Crofts: 07561 334695
Church Administrator - Katie Jackson: 01284 754680

Hire charges

Hire charges from 1 April 2024

School Hall £17.50 per hour
Sawbridge Hall £17.50 per hour
Fursland Room £14.50 per hour
Spaul Room £11.50 per hour
Crofts Lounge £11.50 per hour
Kitchen £30.00 per session (for use of catering equipment)
Daytime hire of whole Centre £200.00
Evening hire of whole Centre £200.00
Verger £52.50

The Thomas Clarkson Centre is available for hire Monday to Saturday only.

We do not hire to the public for parties.