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The Big Subject

The Big Subject 2017

Jan 8: Don’t go! Why are we still sending missionaries abroad? Dorothy Haile

Feb 12: Identity: So who do you think you are? Revd Canon Malcolm Rogers

Mar 12: How should we live for Christ in a multi-cultural society? Revd Dr Bill Musk

Apr 9: Invented? Is the resurrection of Jesus credible? Revd Canon Lionel Simpkins

May 14: Islam: A religion of peace? Dr Carol Walker (All Nations)

Jun 11: Am I prejudiced? Andrew Buttress and Laurence Smith

Jul 9: The Book of Mormon: What do they believe? Duncan MacInnes

Sep 10 Help me die: Assisted suicide – a debate Revd Tim Savege and Dr Brian Jones

Oct 8: Getting into heaven: Will my faith really save me? Andrew Buttress

Nov 12: Left Right Left Right: Which wing was Jesus? Revd Canon Malcolm Rogers



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