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The Big Subject

Some subjects are big subjects! They involve some serious thought and, most of the time, there are no easy answers. The ‘Big Subject’ at St Mary’s considers questions which concern contemporary issues, the Bible and the Church. The ‘Big Subject’ is incorporated into an evening service (second Sunday of the month starting at 6.30 pm). The talk is preceded by a short act of worship and is followed by a time of discussion. The programme for 2017 is below.



Jan 8: Don’t go! Why are we still sending missionaries abroad? Dorothy Haile

Feb 12: Identity: So who do you think you are? Revd Canon Malcolm Rogers

Mar 12: How should we live for Christ in a multi-cultural society? Revd Dr Bill Musk

Apr 9: Invented? Is the resurrection of Jesus credible? Revd Canon Lionel Simpkins

May 14: Islam: A religion of peace? Dr Carol Walker (All Nations)

Jun 11: Undercovers: Is sex outside marriage always wrong? Matt & Sarah Rushby

Jul 9: The Book of Mormon: What do they believe? Duncan MacInnes

Sep 10 Help me die: Assisted suicide – a debate Revd Tim Savege and Dr Brian Jones

Oct 8: Getting into heaven: Will my faith really save me? Andrew Buttress

Nov 12: Left Right Left Right: Which wing was Jesus? Revd Canon Malcolm Rogers



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