St. Mary's with St. Peter's

Bury St. Edmunds

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Church Administrator - Katie Jackson: 01284 754680

Resources available

Resources are available from the tower room at St Mary’s, unless stated. If you wish to check availability, please contact the office.

Online Resources or courses

A course on Prayer

General Resources

A Life worth Living (video, leaders manual and 11 manuals). Talks and discussion based on the book of Philippians. Nicky Gumbel
Challenging Lifestyle (book and manual).  Based on the Sermon of the Mount. Nicky Gumbel
Your Kingdom Come. A group study guide of the Lord’s Prayer. J John
Don’t put God in a box. Study guide for home groups studying ‘God and the Universe’ by Frank Flynn
Design for Discipleship – The Spirit-Filled Christian; The Character of the Christian; Foundations for Faith. 15 studies from the NAVPRESS
Operating in the Power of the Spirit; Flowing in the River of the Spirit (2 30 day devotional bible studies for individuals or groups)
Be Thankful. A look at the Holy Communion Service. Five talks on video by Wallace Benn
‘In the Footsteps of Jesus’. A DVD and bible study resource produced by BibleLands
The prodigal God. Based on the book by Tim Keller. Booklet and DVD

The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Bible: Thumbing Through the Old and New Testaments: A short introduction to each book; get the big picture.

Women of the Old Testament. A LifeBuilder Bible Study by Gladys Hunt

Christian Community. A LifeBuilder Bible Study by Rob Suggs

God’ s Big Picture. Tracing the storyline of the Bible. By Vaughan Roberts.

Bible Study Guides
 (The following are available from David Crofts)

Good Book Guides from The Good Book Company
1 Peter: Living in the Real World (Tim Chester)
The Holy Spirit (Pete & Anne Woodcock)
Soul Songs: Psalms (Tim Chester)

Interactive Bible Studies from Matthias Media
The Free Gift of Life: Romans 1-5 (Gordon Cheng)
Job: The Eye of the Storm (Bryson Smith)
James: The Implanted Word (Phillip Jensen & Kirsty Birkett)
Acts: Mission Unstoppable (Bryson Smith)
Genesis: Beyond Eden (Phillip Jensen & Tony Payne)
Ephesians: Walk this Way (Bryson Smith)
Judges: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Mark Baddeley)
Obadiah and Malachi: Burning Desire (Phillip Jensen)
Isaiah: Two Cities (Karen Morris & Andrew Reid)
Hebrews: From Shadow to Reality (Joshua Ng)
Revelation: The Vision Statement (Greg Clarke)
Nehemiah: Renovators Dream (Phil Campbell & Greg Clarke)
Colossians: The Complete Christian (Phillip Jensen & Tony Payne)
1 Timothy: All Life is Here (Phillip Jensen)
2 Timothy: Run the Race (Bryson Smith)
Titus: The Path to Godliness (Phillip Jensen & Tony Payne)
Galatians: Free for All (Phillip Jensen & Kel Richards)
Philippians: Partners for Life (Tim Thorburn)