St. Mary's with St. Peter's

Bury St. Edmunds

Tel: 07561 334695

Bible Study Discussion Groups

When groups meet

For more details, please contact the parish office. During the COVID19 pandemic, many of our small groups are meeting on Zoom.

Day and time Meeting Contact Comments
St Mary’s Groups
Monday at 10 Weekly Tim Savege Bible study and prayer. Meets in different homes
Monday morning 2nd & 4th Mondays Geoff & Janet Brown Meets in Sharp Road
Monday at 19:30 Weekly Edward and Elizabeth Coningsby Meets in different homes for bible study, prayer and social
Monday at 19:30 Weekly Tim Savege Bible study and prayer. Meets in different homes
Tuesday at 20:00 Fortnightly Mark & Jenny Aston Meets in Prince Charles Avenue
Wednesday at 10:00 Weekly Elizabeth Coningsby A group for women, especially those with young children, which meets in different homes for bible study and prayer
Wednesday at 19:00 Weekly Ernest and Anne Exell Meets in Ickworth Drive for bible study (known as the Barnabas group)
Thursday at 19:00 1st & 3rd Thursday Dorothy Haile Meets near Southgate Street.
Thursday at 19:30 Fortnightly Trevor and Margaret Ashton Meets in Almoners Field for bible study and discussion
Friday at 19:30 Weekly Mary Ann White Meets at Pickwick Crescent for prayer and bible study
Saturday at 8:00 Four weekly Edward Coningsby Parish men’s Bible study discussion breakfasts in various members homes
As agreed Floating monthly Angela Pearce Meets in various homes for bible study
St Peter’s Groups
Monday at 19:30 Weekly John Fulton Meets in Chancellery Mews for bible study
Monday at 19:45 Weekly David Crofts Meets in Raedwald Drive for bible study
Monday at 19:45 Fortnightly Barbara Unwin Bible study and prayer
Tuesday at 14:00 Weekly Sheila Spaul and Janice Hymers Meets at the Hyndman Centre for bible study
Wednesday at 19:00 Fortnightly (2nd and 4th of month) Carol and Ian Nurcombe Meets in Oswyn Close for meal and bible study