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Mission focus for 2016

Twelve mission organisation are allocated one month each year to be the focus of our “Mission of the Month” activities.  We seek to keep a balance between missions that work locally, nationally and internationally.

Each mission has a representative who is the link between the organisation and church.  During the allocated month you can read an article in our monthly church newsletter ‘The View’.  A short presentation about the mission (usually) takes place each month during the 10.45am service at St Peters on the 3rd Sunday, and in both the 9.30 am and 11.00 am services at St Mary’s on the 4th Sunday.

Part of the parish prayer meeting on the 3rd Wednesday (7.45 pm at the Hyndman Centre) is given over to praying for the Mission of the Month. There are displays in both churches, and gift envelopes are available for donations.

If you want to know more about any of the missions we support please contact the church office.  Click here to see the 12 missions with their allocated months and websites

Month Mission What it does Website
January CHRISTIANS AGAINST POVERTY Working with UK churches to lift people out of debt
February MONTGOMERY HEIGHTS Providing a home for orphaned children in Zimbabwe
March BURY TOWN PASTORS Providing help and support to vulnerable people in the Town Centre
April EMBRACE Tackling poverty and injustice in the Middle East
May DALIT FREEDOM NETWORK Working to prevent trafficking of Dalits in India
June OPEN DOORS Serving persecuted Christians worldwide
July SIM Committed to sharing the gospel and biblical truth worldwide
August EMMANUEL 2000 Supporting children, widows and communities in Nepal
September BCY Connecting local young people to Jesus
October TEARFUND Christians passionate about ending poverty worldwide
November SPORTING 87 A Christian football club dedicated to the highest standards
December A2B Lifting dignity, restoring hope in Albania