St. Mary's with St. Peter's

Bury St. Edmunds

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Church Administrator - Katie Jackson: 01284 754680

School Visits to St Mary’s

We welcome schools who wish to come and visit us.

Why not combine a visit with a visit to the Abbey Gardens?

Some of the activities you can do while you are here:

Questions for school visits

Plan of St Mary’s

Things to find in St Mary’s: Mary Tudor’s tomb, an angel’s hand, a window which shows the wise men coming to see the baby Jesus, a window given to the church by Queen Victoria, a tomb with a skeleton on it, a memorial to HMS Birkenhead, a cenotaph to the soldiers from the Suffolk Regiment who died in the First World War, a painting showing the distribution of bread, a window showing King Edmund being martyred, a window which shows scenes when Jesus raised people from the dead, an old helmet, a ceiling with mirrors in it.

Learn about a church from visiting St Mary’s: What is a font, a pulpit, a lecturn, the sanctuary, the chancel, the nave (why is it called the nave)? What happens in a service? What stories do the windows tell? Where can you find a bible? Where can you find a silver cross and a wooden cross and why are they there? What is the story that they remind us of?

Sit and be quiet for a few minutes: Look around. Look up and see the angels (if it is not too cold, lie on the floor and look up). Count them. What do they make you think of? For over 800 years people have come here to stop, think and pray. They have come to worship God? Why do you think they have come to do that?

Children from St Christophers Church of England school hunting for the tomb of Mary Tudor

Children from St Christopher’s Church of England school hunting for the tomb of Mary Tudor