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Hiring during COVID19 pandemic

The Thomas Clarkson Centre is open for bookings.



We have put in place a number of measures in line with government regulations and Church of England guidance designed to keep you and your clients as safe as possible in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. These measures will be kept under review and will be adapted as necessary in response to the current situation as it develops.

In addition to the measures below, all groups should abide by the government guidance on Coronavirus, and hirers will be responsible for making their own risk assessments before resuming their activities within the Centre.

Room hire. At present, we are only hiring out 4 rooms; the Crofts Lounge will remain out of use for as long as we need to restrict numbers in the Centre.

Hire periods. We are operating on a system of 3 hire periods per day as follows:
Morning session from 9am – 12noon
Afternoon session from 1:30 – 4:30pm
Evening session from 6 – 9pm

Only one booking per room will be taken during each of these sessions, and cleaning will be carried out between sessions.  You may book for less than the full 3 hours if you wish, as long as your booking falls between the times indicated.

It will be possible to hire a room for the whole day for those groups who need to do so.

Maximum numbers permitted in each room, allowing for 1 metre distancing with additional risk mitigation, will be as follows:
School Hall: 35 seated or standing OR 16 seated around tables

Sawbridge Hall: 35 seated or standing OR 17 seated around tables.

Fursland Room: 20 seated or standing OR 12 seated around tables.

Spaul Room: 12 seated or standing OR 6 seated around tables.

If you would prefer to observe 2 metre distancing within your group, please get in touch with me and I will let you have our estimate of how many would fit in each room in this way.

In addition to the above, we will attempt to restrict overall numbers in the Centre, so we will be asking for an indication of numbers attending each group.

In order for us to arrange the necessary cleaning for the Centre, we require 14 days’ notice of bookings where possible. We will, of course, attempt to accommodate those who need to book at shorter notice, but please be advised that this may not always be possible. Similarly, we are increasing our notice period for cancellations to 14 days, and any bookings cancelled with less than 14 days’ notice may be liable for a cancellation fee.

Face coverings are required to be worn throughout the Centre by all, unless exempt by age or medical reasons, in line with government requirements.

Contact and trace
Hirers are obliged to keep a register of attendees, including contact details, for 21 days.

The disabled toilet is in use. There are locks on the outer doors to the ladies’ and gents’ toilets so that they can only be accessed by one person at a time.

In line with our usual policy, nappies should be taken home or disposed of in the outdoor dustbins.

Refreshment facilities have been taken out of use throughout the Centre. The kitchen is closed and the corridor sink is in use for handwashing only.

One-way markings are in place outside the main entrance and in the corridor. Please ensure that your clients observe these and are considerate towards others using the public parts of the building, waiting for others to pass when necessary, especially in the corridor, which is not especially wide. NO WAITING IS PERMITTED IN THE CENTRE. Those arriving early or waiting to collect children from activities should wait outside the building.

Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance to the building.

Chairs and tables. Please leave out any chairs and tables which your group has used so that these may be cleaned between hirers.