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Thanksgiving service

The Thanksgiving service is for people who wish to do one or more of the following:

have a family occasion to celebrate the gift of their child and say thank you to God
to name their child in the presence of God
to invite people to be godparents for their child
to ask God’s blessing on their child
to ask God’s help in bringing up their child

There is an order of service (see above) but the thanksgiving service can made as personal as you wish. Sometimes one of the family speaks about the child, and favourite music is played. You can have as many people who act in the role of godparents as you wish, and they (and you) do not need to be baptised, nor regular churchgoers.

Baptism can then follow when people become more certain of their own faith, or when the child grows older and makes the decision for themselves.

The service of thanksgiving usually takes place at a time when it is convenient for the family, and there is a basic charge of £30 for the service. There may be additional costs if a verger, PA person or organist/musician is required. There is no charge if the service takes place in one of our main Sunday services.