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Baptism service

The Baptism service (also known as christening) is for people who wish for their child to belong to the church and be fully involved in the life of the church. In this service you make specific declarations about regular church attendance, your own faith in Jesus Christ and about your way of life.

We therefore take baptism and the promises that are made very seriously. We would expect people to have been regularly worshipping with us  before agreeing a date for baptism. We would also want to spend time with you, explaining the meaning and significance of baptism.

For the baptism of a child, according to the Book of Common Prayer, it is usual for a child to have three godparents (for a boy: 2 men and 1 woman; for a girl: 2 women and 1 man). It is important that at least one of the parents has been baptised and regularly comes to church, and that the godparents have been baptised and are committed to bringing up the child in the Christian faith.

Because at baptism we welcome the child into the family and community of the church, the baptism service usually takes place in one of our main Sunday services.

There is no charge for the service if it takes place in one of our main Sunday services. If the service is at some other time, there may be costs if a verger, PA person or organist/musician is required.