St. Mary's with St. Peter's

Bury St. Edmunds

Tel: 01284 754680



Revd Malcolm Rogers (ex officio)

Associate Vicar

Revd Nick Alexander (ex officio)


Revd Laurence Smith (ex officio)

Parish Wardens (annual elections) as from 17 May 2016

Suzi Metcalfe

Ian Nurcombe

Deputy Wardens (annual elections) as from 17 May 2016

Graham Woolhouse

David Ayrton

PCC Treasurer  

Colin Firth (ex officio)


Revd David Crofts (ex officio)

O.L.M. (retired)

Revd Geoff Brown  (ex officio)

Revd Tim Savege (ex officio)

Licensed lay ministers  (ex officio)       

Clive Paine

Mary Ann White

Hazel Humphreys

Members (St Mary’s)         

Nigel Beeton – until 2017

Trevor Ashton – until 2017 (lay vice chair)

Janet Brown – until 2018

Dorothy Haile – until 2019

Hannah Smith – until 2019

Members (St Peter’s)

Eric Humphreys – until 2018

Duncan MacInnes – until 2018

Graham Unsworth – until 2017 (PCC elected representative on standing committee)

Jackie Post –  until 2019

Philip Hymers – until 2019

Deanery Synod    (until 2017)         

Olivia Arthur


Sheila Spaul

Marie MacInnes

Peter Boyt

Clerk to PCC:    Jackie Post                  

St Mary’s Committee       

Clerk: Sue Adams (ex officio)

Elizabeth Coningsby – until 2019

Paul Dean – until 2019

Ray Cope – until 2018

Edward Coningsby -until 2018

Robin Goodchild – until 2017

Joanna Smye – until 2017

St Peter’s Committee          

Clerk: Kate Blazeby (ex officio)

Mallie Sharpe – until 2019

John Sullivan – until 2018

John Dixon – until 2017